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and performing in Vail, Colorado to debut their first single and new album," said Jeff Brausch of Highline Sports & Entertainment.
The Fray's concert in Vail is part of Vail Snow Daze, an annual festival which has hosted other prominent musical artists including Counting Crows, Ludacris, Ziggy Marley and Social Distortion.
Furthering Vail's partnership with Microsoft, this update to the Vail SIP TIM delivers several new features including support for TCP/IP and UDP, advanced media and call control using SIP REFER, interoperability with Microsoft RTC-based SIP products including Live Communications Server and Office Communicator, and hybrid TDM/SIP deployment options using gateways from leading manufacturers such as AudioCodes, Intel and Cisco.
The Vail SIP TIM is available in multiple configurations.
Today's speech solutions increasingly require VoIP support, while still enabling connectivity to legacy switches, PBXs and ACDs," said Joe Carey, Vice President of Marketing at Vail Systems.
We believe that the market is ready for converged communication speech applications and that Microsoft, Intel, Vail Systems and Paraxip are the right providers to enable this transition.
Vail Systems, a leading provider of SIP-based IP telephony platform technology, speech application solutions and hosting services today announced Microsoft product certification of its Vail SIP Telephony Interface Manager (TIM) for Microsoft Speech Server 2004.
We appreciate Vail Systems' support of the Speech Solutions CHALLENGE II," said Dan Miller, senior analyst at OPUS Research.
The combination of Pronexus VBSALT and the Vail SIP TIM on the Microsoft Speech Server platform lets developers rapidly create and test speech applications from a single workstation or a workstation/server combination, all without requiring any telephony hardware investment.
A total software solution, the Vail SIP TIM does not require any additional specialized telephony hardware, thus greatly simplifying server installation and management.
This is good news for all those planning on heading to the mountain hamlet of Vail to take in the thrilling action of the Teva Mountain Games, one of the country's largest outdoor adventure festivals.
To support the full development lifecycle of these speech solutions, Vail created Versay as a consulting and solutions company.