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41 per share, related to the Vainer suit, which has been further updated for a tax adjustment related to the settlement of the Vainer suit of approximately $8 million, or $0.
This plan presupposes the city as a magnet for business or capital, looking to make it competitive by investments in extensive local restructuring, communication and promotion (Harvey, 1989; Vainer, 2000).
London, Mar 5 ( ANI ): A new study suggests that men are officially vainer than women.
For the European settlers, this failed attempt at violence immediately justifies the enslavement of the Native--a move that conveniently provides the father and daughter with "more time/For vainer hours" (1.
Thorsteinsdottir S, Gudjonsson T, Nielsen OH, Vainer B, Seidelin JB.
BULKER (BU-LK-ER: 2+21=12+11=5+18) 'a petty thief FROISE (FR-OI-SE: 6+18=15+9=19+5) 'a kind of pancake' ILLING (IL-LI-NG: 9+12=12+9=14+7) 'evil-doing, obsolete' NOTION (NO-TI-ON: 14+15=20+9=15+14) 'idea' REAVER (RE-AV-ER: 18+5=1+22=5+18) 'a robber' SELLES (SE-LL-ES: 19+5=12+12=5+19) 'saddle, archaic' SHRIVE (SH-RI-VE: 19+8=18+9=22+5) 'to impose penance upon' STRUTS (ST-RU-TS: 19+20=18+21=20+19) 'strut, inflected form' TALING (TA-LI-NG: 20+1=12+9=14+7) 'the telling of tales' VAINER (VA-IN-ER: 22+1=9+14=5+18) 'vain, comparative form'
We are delighted that our company has received such a high level of recognition from the professional jury as reflected in the IAOP rating," Maria Vainer, HR Director, Exigen Services, Russia and CIS, noted.
Men are quite vain - vainer than they like to admit.
It's that time of year again, when rumour turns to, not exactly reality, but perhaps a slightly more intense, vainer, sun-ravaged brand of its former self.
14) Anne-Marie Ambert, "Same Sex Couples and Same Sex Families: Relationships, Parenting and Issues of Marriage" (2005) at 7, online: The Vainer Institute of the Family <http://www.