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One has been to the human rights and humanitarian NGOs--what is rather vaingloriously called civil society, since it excludes groups that the liberal consensus does not approve of, like, say, the National Rifle Association.
A roccoco lath and plaster imitation of an imperial capital was run up to replace the ruins of Gold Rush San Francisco and vaingloriously named the "Jewel City" or the "Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915," only to be torn down ten months later to make room for the Marina district of speculative housing, which in turn tumbled down in San Francisco's recent 1989 quake.
Occasionally, he looks over his shoulder at someone other than Condo and gets nervous and a little grumpy: "All of the unnecessary application of wax, straw, towels, broken plates, chairs, utensils and wood constructions, which serve to 'build up, the surface, is merely an excuse for not knowing what to paint" (neatly and vaingloriously dismissing Brice Marden, Anselm Kiefer, Sigmar Polke, David Salle, and the less easily identifiable utensil and wood people).
It was going to come to a head on November 25 as Clarke vaingloriously told anyone who would listen of his desire to play in the first Test against India at the ' Gabba.
You have cast aside your conviction and courage to vaingloriously defend your movement, all for a political audition for the Belfast management team.
Afterwards our protagonist effectively decommissions as a hunter, and the ill-gotten rifle--never a central entity, let alone requisite--inexplicably disappears from the story altogether (furthermore, when Huck gets later immersed in honour-and-gun culture at the Grangerfords' he does not show any interest in firearms either; it is Tom who ends up vaingloriously displaying a bullet around his neck on a watch-guard).
Instead, he vaingloriously decided to bungle on and try to wipe out the memories of Brazil with another international campaign.
In the previous assemblies, those with duel nationalities had graced vaingloriously its governmental quarters and legislative halls.
IT IS not just peacockish actresses and tiresome models who will have to rethink the way they vaingloriously drape diamond-festooned crucifixes around their necks.
Can anybody really expect such ennobling human attributes from landed aristocrats, feudal lords, landed pirs, sardars, chieftains, robber barons and moneyed upstarts, strutting so vaingloriously on the national political landscape, posturing as the people's leaders and their chosen representatives?
From one to all they were castigated by the snotty officialdom berthed vaingloriously in the presidential mansions and imposing central secretariats with one brush as trigger-happy wild people given innately to violence and bloodletting, compulsive smugglers and avaricious protectors of fugitives from the mainland.
Aren't many of the political eminences presently flaunting their showy democratic trappings so vaingloriously part of that praetorian adventurist?