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By automating the SAN Change Management process, users gain an independent "check-and-balances" layer that guards the functioning of Storage Resource Management (SRM) and provisioning tools and continuously validates all planned and unplanned changes.
What metadata is sufficient to support and validate each transaction?
The award-winning EdgeWall product line authenticates, validates and authorizes compliant endpoints, quarantines and remediates infected devices and continuously inspects traffic for policy compliance.
Organizations are looking for NAC enforcement appliances that can identify and authorize users, validate that they are in compliance, grant them access to specific resources and continually inspect traffic to ensure policy compliance.
Automatically validates broker license ID or name against selected state(s)
In a process that takes only seconds, ValiMed uses patent pending technology to validate compounded doses of high-risk medications prior to dispensing.
The solution can validate that designers have correctly instantiated isolation cells such as those in the ARM Power Management Kit and that they are in the proper states to control the isolation function.
The CMVP, a joint effort between the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Canadian Communications Security Establishment (CSE), validates cryptographic modules to Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 and other cryptography-based standards.
The device validates that the correct medications in the correct amounts have been added to the dose during the compounding process.