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Industry's leading IPv6 conformance test coverage, including security suites, validating IPv6 based encryption and authentication mechanisms.
Ability to emulate real-world mixes of application traffic (using the N2X companion Network Tester solution), validating the security and application performance of IPv6 deployments.
Carbon is the answer to continuous SOC validation, from early stage architecture performance modeling, to validating the final embedded software before tapeout.
The Agilent N2X was used for functional testing of the network operations at all layers as well as validating triple-play service delivery.
Industry's leading GMPLS solution verifies GMPLS control and data plane interactions, validating realistic carrier-class network operation.
BOSTON -- QuickAddress Names, released today by QAS, augments the company's suite of address management products by validating consumer names along with addresses at the point of data entry.