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Binding; possessing legal force or strength; legally sufficient.A valid contract, for example, is one that has been executed in compliance with all the requisite legal formalities and is binding upon, and enforceable by, the individuals who executed it.


adjective accurate, attested, authentic, authorized, binding, bona fide, canonic, canonical, conclusive, confirmed, constitutional, correct, credible, effective, effectual, enforceable, executed with proper formalities, factual, firmus, forcible, good, gravis, having legal force, having legal strength, iustus, lawful, legal, legalized, legally binding, legitimate, licit, logical, official, potent, powerful, proved, sanctioned, scientific, solid, sound, statutory, strong, substantial, supportable by law, sustainable in law, true, truthful, veritable, warranted, well-grounded
Associated concepts: valid argument, valid case, valid claim, valid commitment, valid consideration, valid contract, valid delivery, valid existing marriage, valid gift, valid judgment, valid obligation, valid reasoning, valid reasons, valid statute
See also: accurate, actual, adequate, allowed, authentic, certain, cogent, convincing, correct, de facto, deductible, demonstrable, documentary, efficient, factual, genuine, honest, lawful, legal, legitimate, licit, operative, persuasive, positive, potent, provable, rational, real, reasonable, right, rightful, solid, sound, substantial, suitable, true, unrefutable, viable


having legal force; effective, having legal authority.

VALID. An act, deed, will, and the like, which has received all the formalities required by law, is said to be valid or good in law.

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The content and statistical validities are good, since the authors use the official economic data.
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