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The predictable response was cheap jokes from people whose (mis)understanding of Rand only went as far as: "She's that scary chick who valorizes businessmen and the market.
Schneider's meticulous exploration of the premises of female Petrarchism and the Rime of two major exponents of poetic writing by women in the Italian Renaissance thoroughly pursues directions set up in existing scholarship by critics such as Fiora Bassanese, Ann Rosalind Jones, Mary Moore, Maria Zancan, and others, and effectively enriches the field by providing a systematic, comprehensive, and therefore much needed mapping of female Petrarchism that valorizes it as a poetic system in its own right.
The evolvement of language from a communicative tool to that of a cognitive organizer is said to be more enhanced among compound bilingual children that valorize both their languages and use them equally for the same cognitive and social functions (Hamers, 2004).
In other words, the opening of the contemporary museum to a wider, that is, popular, audience only supports its larger mission to valorize cultural practices and in the process enforce symbolic hierarchies.
Rishoi exhausts already tired postmodern phrases such as discursive formations and especially the verb valorize, which appears seventeen times in the book, more than once every ten pages.
European researchers have attempted to develop, extend and valorize sensors and instrumental techniques that would help determine the consumer-perceived quality factors of agricultural and food products.
Furthermore, as in the foundation films of the 1960-as if to valorize their true-to-life dimension--the names of the characters retain the names of the actors.
Is there another approach to rethinking reference service that would valorize the intellectual contribution of the individual reference librarian to a greater extent and still provide value-added service?
In a supreme act of denial, we have enlisted the courts to help us valorize the disease compromised prerogatives of the dying instead of exploring the obligations of the healthy--to seek ways to ease and end suffering and to respect the wishes of those who want to exercise what control they may have left to die as they see fit.
seek to pursue in order to valorize the comparative advantages associated with their geographic
Her topics include placing Tokyo on the fashion map from catwalk to street style, shinjuku: girls of the nightlife using beauty and youth as weapons, efforts to validate and valorize new tastes in fashion, and the globalization of Japanese subcultures and fashion.
MacFaul, however, shows how in the nearer term false friendship could valorize individuals within existing structures of subordination.