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Achilles then sprang upon the Trojans with a terrible cry, clothed in valour as with a garment.
Then in this, I said, Homer shall be our teacher; and we too, at sacrifices and on the like occasions, will honour the brave according to the measure of their valour, whether men or women, with hymns and those other distinctions which we were mentioning; also with seats of precedence, and meats and full cups; and in honouring them, we shall be at the same time training them.
It is to be hoped that the Governor General's selection committee will base its decision on whether to award the Cross of Valour solely on the facts and not on pressure from police, media, and the public.
Although Garrett displayed an incredible sense of duty in pursuing his assailant and wounding him, his actions do not meet the criteria required of the Cross of Valour, which is to be presented only "for acts of most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme peril.
The Cross of Valour is the nearest civilian equivalent of the military's Victoria Cross.