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Perhaps more valuably, Jones broadens his horizon to consider the dramatic technological and social changes of the 1990s and their implications as well.
From the constant battles with police officials to the rivalry between and within staffs for space and attention, Gelman's book is valuably honest.
in his precise way of classification remains unclear, but he valuably highlights the different grades of authority in official teaching.
Count on him being an available resource, speaking honestly, with scientific reason behind him, and advising valuably and directly, as he always has.
To quote Jackie Puente , executive director, External Affairs for Comcast and Class XIII alumna, 'The NAMIC Executive Leadership Development Program provides participants with research, tools, and perhaps most valuably, a support network, to advance in the ever-changing cable and communications industry.
All three are well known to director of cricket Dougie Brown, who was formerly head of the Bears academy at Edgbaston, and he believes they will flesh out the squad valuably for the next two years - and hopefully beyond.
Perhaps most valuably, he deals with the artistic and political ferment around American black art and culture as intertwined with sexuality.
Help us to help you and others, and use what has been provided valuably , urged MEC Mohono.
As per the initiative, the libraries will 
hopefully create new reading trends among the faithful and help them utilise their leisure time valuably.
Furthermore, the field of ecocriticism might be said to have originated in the American West, and Wall valuably traces ecocriticism's recent impact on the literary imagination of the Irish West.
TWININGS, which is part of Associated British Foods, has made substantial profits over the years, with its North Shields site contributing valuably to this.