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There certainly are times that you will be required to valuate your trade secret assets.
ParcelView was brought to market to contribute to a range of services that valuate residential parcels of land, which would replace or enhance a lender's valuation tools for residential land collateral assessment.
Sebi has been requested by the fund houses to delay the implementation of stricter rules to valuate securities amidst growing concerns of the interest rates in the money market hardening.
Researchers specifically wanted to assess and valuate other factors of the project that has to be taken into consideration in assessing its viability, such as economic, environmental and social impacts, effectively crucial for making an investment decision.
The audit had been spurred in part by the revelation of those improper expenses but Maddox said the charges had been made inadvertently and that the audit's delays came because many of the assets contained within the funds have become hard to valuate given the way the current credit crunch has frozen trading on certain types of debt-backed securities and bonds.
The NFU said it would continue to oppose the implementation of compensation tables, which it considers to be far too rigid to accurately valuate the massive range of animals in the market place.