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The Real Estate Valuation Committee, in cooperation with the Real Estate Appraisal Center (Taqyeem) at the Government of Dubai Land Department has successfully valuated 1,090 properties worth AED 42 billion at the request of property owners during the first six months of 2012.
Summary: The Real Estate Appraisal Centre, or REAC, at the Government of Dubai Land Department (LD), valuated 1,090 properties at the request of property owners with total value of Dh42 billion, in the first half of year.
In [Spe08], Speyer studied tropical Plucker relations, tropical Plucker vectors (or valuated matroids [DW92]), and their relation with tropical linear spaces.
The Chinese delegation commended IEAI's efforts in elevating the sector in the Kingdom and valuated al-Mushatta Industrial City as an ideal industrial zone in terms of providing three distinguishing factors: Strategic location, top of the line infrastructure; and no additional cost will be added to the total cost of the land, as the area is already licensed.
Macklowe purchased the portfolio for about $1000 psf, but the seven buildings, when valuated one by one, may be worth more or less than that number.