value received

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VALUE RECEIVED. This phrase is usually employed in a bill of exchange or promissory note, to denote that a consideration has been given for it.
     2. The expression value received, when put in a bill of exchange, will bear two interpretations: the drawer of the bill may be presumed to acknowledge the fact that he has received value of the payee; 3 M. & S. 351; or when the bill has been made payable to the order of the drawer, it implies that value has been received by the acceptor. 5 M. & S. 65. In a promissory note, the expression imports value received from the payee. 5 B. & C. 360.

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Together with the platform construction of the offshore natural gas fields and the FLNG modules construction project awarded recently, the total value received by PJOE under the newly signed contracts and orders which have been confirmed by clients with effect since July 2014 is approximately RMB4.
Evaluating the current system, identifying the need for change, and implementing changes that save time and increase the value received by the patient are among the main strategies discussed.
Moreover, in many cases, any value received by one party is equal to the value transferred by the other.
We believe the total value received through creating a separate public company to be superior to a sale of the chemical business," said Luke Corbett, chairman and CEO.
Sales or service people should work with the mill to review the documented value received before the job is considered complete.
BDMetrics President and CEO Rick Geritz says, "PMMI is a consistent innovator, seeking ways to further enhance the value received from attending PACK EXPO.
If the policy is discontinued, I imagine recognizing a loss for the difference between premiums paid and cash value received.
We believe that a competitive RFP process would maximize the value received for the West Side Yard's development rights and establish an important precedent for future projects, such as Forest City Ratner's proposal for the Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn," said the Skelos letter.
It is important to consider both the costs and the value received from health care expenditures.
The value received will be permanent infrastructure.
What is important, however, is striking a balance between the cost to implement and the value received.
I believe that value received or return on investment--not for the overall industry but for each individual company--may be more important than all other membership benefits put together.