value received

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VALUE RECEIVED. This phrase is usually employed in a bill of exchange or promissory note, to denote that a consideration has been given for it.
     2. The expression value received, when put in a bill of exchange, will bear two interpretations: the drawer of the bill may be presumed to acknowledge the fact that he has received value of the payee; 3 M. & S. 351; or when the bill has been made payable to the order of the drawer, it implies that value has been received by the acceptor. 5 M. & S. 65. In a promissory note, the expression imports value received from the payee. 5 B. & C. 360.

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Net cash proceeds and enterprise value received from the sale were USD 9m.
The company has also sold one of its two operations in Brazil during the fourth quarter Net cash proceeds and enterprise value received from the sale were USD9m.
Together with the platform construction of the offshore natural gas fields and the FLNG modules construction project awarded recently, the total value received by PJOE under the newly signed contracts and orders which have been confirmed by clients with effect since July 2014 is approximately RMB4.
For his advocacy, the economist and outspoken champion of higher education's value received the Harry S.
com) is a leading Mergers and Acquisitions ("M&A") firm that specializes in maximizing the enterprise value received by owners when selling their privately-held companies.
While the recharge value is always more than the talk time received, Uninor has done a turnabout with the RC 65 product by ensuring the value received is higher than the spent wherein customers receive talk time worth Rs 75.
While the quantity of textiles that was exported dropped by more than 17%, the value received for those shipments amounted to $327 million, an increase of 68% over the previous year attributed to higher prices in the international marketplace.
explores ways of increasing the amount of value received for the money spent.
In a sense, sponsors and supporters are customers, too, who focus on value received for support extended.
4 : money in small units of value received in exchange for an equal amount in larger units <Do you have change for a ten-dollar bill?
The National Confectioners Association is always on the forefront of seeking ways to further enhance the value received from attending their EXPO," said Triscoli.
Evaluating the current system, identifying the need for change, and implementing changes that save time and increase the value received by the patient are among the main strategies discussed.