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Since the vandal attack the victim hasn't been staying at his home and he said: "I'm offering the reward because I want to get back to my home and start my life again.
The slogans of the vandals written stated: "26th Jan Australia's shame" and "F*** Australia Day.
Club chairman Alwyn Thomas and Cllr Sian Gwenllian have asked for the police's help in catching the vandals.
LOVE ME DON'T: The foliage Ringo Starr's head has been chopped off by vandals
As Italy was breathing a sigh of relief at the defeat of Radagaisus, Vandals and other barbarian peoples swept across the Rhine and into Roman Gaul.
Vandal begins with a comparison of urban and rural violence that contrasts the situation in New Orleans with that in the rest of the state.
The Brazilian hackers have produced a cleverly crafted tool that makes vandals not only more dangerous, but also more difficult to remedy.
So far this year, anti-biotechnology vandals have struck 13 crop sites in the United States, from Maine to California.
At the same time, the terrible power of the vandal (which was the focus of an earlier study of the destruction of art, by Louis Reau: for Reau "the mob is always vandalistic") declines in importance as well.
The wardens of South Tyneside helped tackle vandalism at Lord Blyton School, Simonside, by opening up the school's sports pitches to local youngsters on weekends, a peak time for vandal attacks.
The more a vandal tags, the more evidence mounts for an easier conviction, she said.