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Likewise, Chuchepati of Chabahil remained tensed for some time after the police tried to obstruct the Maoists from vandalising vehicles.
Mindless yobs are continually vandalising the concrete-built HQ in Dubarry Avenue and now the group has set its sights on a more substantial brick building to keep them out.
When mindless yobs keep vandalising the property, money that should be going towards the new building fund has had to be used to repair the present one.
Now, Mark McGowan has proved my point as he launches an exhibition of photographs of himself vandalising cars by 'keying' them, although he actually faked it Still, believe it has inspired others to embrace the world of art.
The idea was to get youngsters to put some pride back into their estate and that would hopefully deter others from vandalising it.
Smith's letter (ECHO, January 2), does he know he is at odds with his own club, when he blames Liverpool fans for vandalising Dixie Dean's statue.
Vandalising property into which the Haneys were about to move was disgraceful.
HINDU organisations have started vandalising churches in BJP- ruled Karnataka again, after a brief lull.
A have-a-go hero was stabbed and battered as he tackled yobs vandalising his prized car.