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However, handling, pilfering and vandalization variables are less supported as causes of oil spillage in Lagos by the tanker drivers and operators.
Toronto--The Toronto media have been covering the recent vandalizations of a number of Jewish cemetery monuments and Jewish homes defaced with anti-Semitic slogans.
Vandalization of field trials by environmental activists is frequent and largely not being prosecuted.
The negative impact of the political frays has been worsened by the inadequate security condition and by the hurly-burly of rallies, which in many cases continue into property vandalization, violence, and riots with fatalities.
Although disgusted by the vandalization, I felt lucky after I heard of the damage done to my colleagues' greenhouses down the road that same night.
He noted that recently one vandalization incident occurred by Muslim and Christian youths who were on drugs.
For once the newspapers got wind of the project, a tremendous furor broke out over the reported vandalization of the square; editorials asked whether yet another monument like this was necessary; some even wondered whether or not the whole thing had been a conceptual hoax designed merely to provoke a memorial storm.
There had been vandalization, and many controller parts were either missing, or worse, had been replaced with wrong parts.
Her epic difficulties - and successes - continued for weeks, as she coped with events that included the looting and vandalization of the firm's home office.
Other form of degradation is vandalization and brittle books.
mosques and the vandalization of properties and sanctuaries of the Palestinian
It was the fiercest exchange of ill- will, extortion, distinct, violence, vandalization and burning of properties at inestimable value.