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Irrespective of hitting these electoral brick walls, the second aspect of vanguardism will kick in--building hard left power in the party and ultimately controlling the machine.
In any event, this selfcriticism by Coard hardly envisages the transformation of the NJM away from vanguardism and is far from constituting a repudiation of his general political line.
Whereas the Irish Revival instanced a kind of reverse vanguardism, its leader did not so much suffer as embrace a doubly reinforced belatedness in their name.
In this period, left politics was gradually transforming from class-based vanguardism and militancy, agitated by parties well to the left of parliamentary socialism, towards issues-led 'new social movements', aiming (for instance) at liberating subjectivities, opposing patriarchy, colonialism, racism, etc.
In this reading, Mac Low's work is positioned as a retro-avant-garde that refuses the hierarchical vanguardism of the traditional avant-garde in favour of a looking back, a consistently revisionist outlook on literary tradition, and is thus perfectly in line with his anarchism.
If some of the strange and fascinating personalities you may encounter here were given a fraction of the international attention and encouragement reserved in this barren time for provincial and orthodox vanguardism, a School of London might become even more real than the one I have construed in my head.
Britain: striking unionism with a political cutting edge; the independent workersAE union: class, nation, and oppositional labour movements in Ireland from 1900 to the Celtic Tiger; radical trade unionism in Spain: the re-invention and re-imagination of autonomy and democracy within and around the union movement during the past century; radical unionism in Italyuback to the future: FIOM and chainworkers; the wind of austerity in the sails of radicalism: the Greek example; radical trade unionism in Portugal: between maximalist vanguardism and ongoing radicalisation; radical trade unions in Poland: the meanings and mechanisms of union radicalisation in a post-socialist capitalism; Hungarian unions: toward assuming political roles.
Moreover, they were part of groups of intellectuals that held intense debates about the concepts of vanguardism and of the renewal of British arts, as the Bloomsbury (2).
Similar to the Vanguardism of Lenin, for Islamists, party comes before the government.
In a typical example of intellectual vanguardism, he saw the Chinese people as being more obsessed with their real estate pursuits or even cyber-game gadgets than universalistic ideals.
The chapter on Cage considers the 1952 untitled piece primarily as an occasion to define a "distinctly American" and "affirmative" (69) vanguardism which, unlike the mostly anti-academic and anti-institutional European avant-gardes, thrived in John Dewey-influenced, counter-cultural academic institutions like Black Mountain College and the New School.
This connection, like the BPP's putative vanguardism, was short-lived.