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But few as the moments were, it seemed to Giovanni, when she was on the point of vanishing beneath the sculptured portal, that his beautiful bouquet was already beginning to wither in her grasp.
For these two men had SEEN her, while to me she was only being "presented," elusively, in vanishing words, in the shifting tones of an unfamiliar voice.
I thought of the assistant's fondness for photography, and his trick of vanishing into the cellar.
She did not analyze the audacious trick by which the man had turned to his advantage the subtle effects of the expected and the obvious; she was still under the cloud of more individual complexities, and she noticed must of all that the vanishing scarecrow did not even turn to look at the farm.
Like the white tail of a rabbit he had the vanishing thought that he was certain of their grief, but not so certain of their innocence.
The motor-cars that went by northward and southward grew more and more powerful and efficient, whizzed faster and smelt worse, there appeared great clangorous petrol trolleys delivering coal and parcels in the place of vanishing horse-vans, motor-omnibuses ousted the horse-omnibuses, even the Kentish strawberries going Londonward in the night took to machinery and clattered instead of creaking, and became affected in flavour by progress and petrol.
Her blooming full-pulsed youth stood there in a moral imprisonment which made itself one with the chill, colorless, narrowed landscape, with the shrunken furniture, the never-read books, and the ghostly stag in a pale fantastic world that seemed to be vanishing from the daylight.
And the reason of the vanishment may be (if you want a reason), either that the ghost does not like letting a stranger like me into its secrets, or that vanishing is a settled habit of ghosts and of everything associated with them, or that this ghost has changed its mind in the course of three hours (being the ghost of a woman, I am sure that's not wonderful), and doesn't care to see you 'when the full moon shines on Saint Anthony's Well.
The names begin to appear fast and furiously, flashing from legal page to legal page and in a flash vanishing.
Her eyes which were very close to his (he was in a crouching posture on the top step) seemed to burn darkly in the vanishing light.
However, the great subject of the happiness of Mr and Mrs Lammle must not be allowed to vanish with the other vanishments--with the vanishing of the murderer, the vanishing of Julius Handford, the vanishing of Lizzie Hexam,--and therefore Veneering must recall the present sheep to the pen from which they have strayed.
NNA - Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, on Thursday called for a huge turnout in the imminent commemoration of the vanishing of Imam Moussa Sadr and his comrades, Sheikh Mohammad Yaacoub and journalist Abbas Badreddine, on forthcoming Sunday in Nabatieh in southern Lebanon.