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You must have realised almost at once when the vanload of tools arrived at your premises that this was not just a simple insurance job on behalf of the true owner.
A van of supplies came in over the weekend from the Siksika First Nation and on Tuesday, Maskwacis brought in a vanload of donations as well.
SO another global financial crash is looming, and I suspect even now a vanload of coppers are pulling up at Gordon Brown's house and bundling him into the back.
A vanload of vital supplies gathered by Scottish Muslims was delivered to a migrant camp in northern France yesterday.
A super spacious luggage area allows you to pack in 512 litres of luggage with the rear seatbacks in place and a vanload with them lowered.
After introducing the importance of science for contemporary American Jews by recounting his experience visiting Kentucky's Creation Museum with a vanload of rabbinical students and providing a brief introduction to the problem of Jews' "ridiculously disproportionate" contributions to twentieth-century science, Efron spends each of the book's three main chapters describing their experience in each "destination.
Postie McDonald had to race around with a vanload of Christmas parcels before kick-off.
By about the fourth vanload of things to Goodwill, I became very self-reflective," Becker says.
A BIG-HEARTED Scot is getting ready to spend his annual holiday taking a vanload of blankets, clothes and toys to needy children in Bulgaria.
Xia Ge Khang, formerly of Brockton and now a resident of Florida, drove in a vanload of freshly cut bamboo, palm trees, mango, guavas, coconuts, Thai ginger, lemon grass, banana leaves and sugar cane just for festival shoppers.
Fluin, who runs the Champagne Club Syndicate which owns Bubbly Phoenix, said yesterday: "We took a busload of owners over to the Dunphys on Monday and returned armed with a vanload of nice dogs
The attack on the Salman Al-Farisi Islamic Centre in Corvallis came two days after the arrest of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, accused of trying to detonate a vanload of explosives at Portland's Christmas tree lighting ceremony.