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Today Imam Hussain is alive and victorious while his tormentors are dead and vanquished, he said.
Zhong tells the story of a vanquished god in the construction of the community called Japan, a Shinto god called Okuninushi, "the Great Lord of the Land" whose life is as long as recorded history in Japan.
This forced act was to mock Jesus, to make Jesus, whom the Roman procurator Pilate has called King of the Jews, appear vanquished.
No victor, no vanquished," is a slogan that the Lebanese raise whenever they are seeking a solution for their successive crises.
For believing, in "might" is the attitude of a conqueror, and believing in "right" is the attitude of a vanquished begging for redemption.
Liberalism and war; the victors and the vanquished.
Humans believed they could vanquish nature," Leslie declares, "and found themselves vanquished instead.
Christian is of course then revealed to be royalty himself, the evil queen is vanquished, and he and Marigold are wed at last.
Beltway denizens were somewhat surprised when, soon after John Kerry officially launched his search for a running mate, a boomlet erupted around vanquished candidate Richard Gephardt.
All of the squadron's freshly painted F-14B Tomcats now proudly sport a new look: a victorious knight on the field of battle holding the American flag in one hand and in the other, a sword held to the throat of a vanquished foe.
Generals once knew that after a war, the vanquished must get their economy up and running again, and to accomplish that, the first order of business must be the establishment of a sound currency.
Victorious warriors cut off the heads of vanquished enemies, drilled holes in their skulls to extract the brains, and modified these trophies for display and ritual use.