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It gave the Premier League champions the satisfaction of defeating their vanquishers in the Champions League final.
But now they had been defeated, losing their first major war in more than a century; and their primary vanquishers were not the French but their own rebellious colonists, who accused the British of being exactly the kind of tyrants they believed themselves to have been fighting all along.
By comparison, England's vanquishers Germany have scored 23 goals in 10 games in the 2006 and 2010 tournaments.
Sensational headlines such as "Hunting Down the Foreigners" (Sunday Times, 27 July 2008), "Terror on the Home Front" (Sunday Times, 18 May 2008), "Flames of Xenophobic Hatred" (Business Day, 19 May 2008) and "Another Bloody Day in Alex" (The Star 13 May 2008) accompanied dramatic, scene-by-scene descriptions that focused on gruesome details and the gloating cries of vanquishers.
For instance, in "Le desastre banal," the main protagonist, Mirna, cynically divides the world between vanquished and vanquishers and concludes that only her body will help her to move from the vanquished to the winners' side (PC 13; ARS 100).
We read him stories in which both girls and boys were the vanquishers and refused to allow him any toys guns.
They will now face Ballyclare's vanquishers, Queen's, in the last eight.
With potential vanquishers of state regulatory interests identified, this Part then proposes reforms in line with Executive Order 13,132, taking up an overhaul of notice-and-comment rulemaking, followed by guidelines for establishing an effective partnership between federal agencies and the states.
Yet the ghosts of the old order returned with their vanquishers, animating republican spirits anxious to perpetuate the founders' accomplishments.
prize law, vanquishers were not required to return any spoils taken as a
Extraordinarily, Mortimer later threw in his lot with his vanquishers and married Owain Glyndwr's daughter.
Again, I rearrange deck chairs, since the captains of the news industry seem determined to donate our lifeblood to our vanquishers.