vantage point

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Rassadin makes the most of this vantage point by sprinkling his choreography with unique leaps and lifts.
It also became feasible from that vantage point to successfully push through legislation establishing a National Hiking Trails system and to preserve the world-class 2,000-mile Appalachian Trail by authorizing the purchase of all the private lands crossed by the trail from Maine to Georgia.
I generally study a tree from many angles before arriving at a vantage point.
The focus is primarily on Delarc's Vantage Point training program, a unique exercise that puts able-bodied individuals into situations where they experience first-hand what it's like to go through life with a disability.
Susan Wallace, principal of Wallace Media Services, and Aaron Bleidt, principal of Vantage Point Communications, have come together to launch Vantage Point Communications LLC.
1984 Back office (non-phone related) processes 1992 Merlang (modernized erlangC) 1996 Vantage Point forecasting and scheduling Skills based routing Web agent access 1997 Multimedia queing 2003 Intraday schedule reoptimization Agent notification 2006 Ability to incorporate 1-N policies and procedures into vacation tool 2007 Spreadsheet integration tool 2008 Smart phone support Real Time Adherence (RTA) Plus RTA Global View
EASTENDERS Ian comes home from hospital and moves into Lucy's room, which provides him with a handy vantage point to spy on everyone in the Square.
It took just nine months to build the two new distribution units, which offer a combined space of 100, 000 sq ft-plus, at Vantage Point, near Birmingham landmark Fort Dunlop.
We got on Soledad and saw him come down,'' Jones said, pointing to the disabled plane from her vantage point at the top of the road.
He had found a vantage point on top of a traffic light and perched himself up there for more than three hours.
From this vantage point, diners descend a set of external stairs cut into the hill to another terrace that thrusts out from the box of the restaurant.
Rakowitz's visions of the destruction of one's own previous home as a spectacle to attend, the horrific climax of September II as emptied of meaning by endless repetition, and the pile of smoking ash and twisted metal that was relentlessly stared at from a seemingly privileged but actually predetermined and repressive vantage point bring out the full import of the so-called death of modernism: After utopian aspirations comes not just bitter reality but a guided tour of it from an alienated distance, the displacement of one kind of control by another.