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There are more great images from Teesside's top vantage points on our website PETER REIMANN
He had found a vantage point on top of a traffic light and perched himself up there for more than three hours.
We were thrilled to offer brokers a private viewing of the Christo art exhibit from one of the best vantage points in the city--the penthouse of 455 CPW," said Jordan Brodsky of the Marketing Directors, the exclusive sales agents for 455 CPW.
One reason why images are conventional and unexpressive is because photographers often use vantage points too far from the subject, and usually shoot from a predictable eye-level camera position.
Cohan examined this subject from several different vantage points and chose to highlight four companies that have managed to shine over the years, not just in the recent down economy.
In examining each topic, Racino provides a detailed overview of the issue from several vantage points and then further expands on the topic by providing personal statements from individuals with disabilities and their families.
The fact that we have guards with good post-up skills provides an extra bonus, enabling us to screen and shoot from high-percentage vantage points.
Trying various vantage points will often reveal one with more promise.
With 300 lounge chairs providing optimum vantage points and additional seating up and down the sand, the resort scored big on full viewing pleasure.
All the channels - CBS, NBC, ABC, KTLA and cable's HGTV - will have comparable vantage points for the Tournament of Roses, running 8 to 10:30 a.
Other new structures such as a raised timber walkway and stone platform form vantage points for contemplating the grandeur of the surroundings.