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In Sheikhupura, no officials were on duty at the vantage points of all the churches while in Rawalpindi the number of such churches was 151.
According to a spokesman of District Administration, a total of 2000 CCTV cameras were being installed in the first phase at vantage points and sensitive places of the city which will provide a complete solution of security challenges, terrorism, extremism and street crimes.
The body wants to target Vantage points of interest saying these comprise, but are not restricted to:
I hope your engagement with the contributions of this issue provide you with vantage points that keep your assessment efforts from becoming dull.
Here's some pictures from some of the area's other vantage points.
Most of the essays span the years from 1969-1980 (only four essays reminisce from later vantage points up to 1987); are from an up-close and personal perspective, while others reflect from the vantage point of Paris, France.
Walkways and verandas threaded through the trees provide vantage points for the contemplation of nature, and rich terracotta walls further emphasise the manmade's connection with the earth.
These vantage points, although sometimes not safe, are always being taken up by supporters on these very special occasions.
We were thrilled to offer brokers a private viewing of the Christo art exhibit from one of the best vantage points in the city--the penthouse of 455 CPW," said Jordan Brodsky of the Marketing Directors, the exclusive sales agents for 455 CPW.
One reason why images are conventional and unexpressive is because photographers often use vantage points too far from the subject, and usually shoot from a predictable eye-level camera position.
Cohan examined this subject from several different vantage points and chose to highlight four companies that have managed to shine over the years, not just in the recent down economy.