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Jennifer Coolidge portrays a vapid beauty contestant in one vignette from the "Thank God You're Here" pilot.
If you've ever read the vapid dronings of a food critic at an arts alternative newsweekly, you will get the level of 'innovation' and depth' this book, and the writer, can justly claim for the obituary form.
Thankfully, not everywhere are the memories of the 1970s so vapid and domesticated.
Thus the language of the play is filled with menacing nonsense, which entangles the characters in its own vapid emptiness.
Duran was joined by Austrian flautist Thomas Pinschof for Cimarosa's garrulous Concerto for Two Flutes, its vapid 20-minute length seeming at least double that.
How refreshing to hear a churchman speak out on the national scene against the vapid secularism promoted by our governments and media today
That vapid answer came from an arrogant national culture that has lost its talent for healthy guilt.
His refusal to think about style, that idiosyncratic aspect of literature that did not lend itself to his structuralist analysis, meant that following generations have been repeating his vapid idea like a mantra.
It's disappointing to see The Progressive magazine join vapid sitcoms in perpetuating false stereotypes.
That success will become an ever more powerful argument for free trade in the future, regardless of the outcome of the vapid debate over trade theory.
Clair attributes apparent thematic and structural inconsistencies in Seraph to a subversive subtext, a "feminist manifesto roiling just beneath the vapid and saccharine surface.
From there, the analysis focuses on Mark Twain's navigation of the issues of industrialization, the loss of artisanal independence, and the growth of a vapid leisure class in Roughing It and Life on the Mississippi.