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Perhaps the professional footballer WAGs with their fake hair, fake tan, fake boobs but real vapidity have become so commonplace that many people, Fergie obviously included, think spending pounds 10,000 in a shopping trip is fine because your boyfriend earns pounds 100,000 a week.
You're under attack--from the cannons of corporate cost-cutting, the blunderbusses of boardroom brigadiers, and the vagaries of volatile 'vision' vapidity.
So too are the comical vapidity and the ruthless recklessness of the very rich at play.
58) Benkler gets worked up about the vapidity of American pop culture here, noting that if music fans themselves can be tasked with identifying breakthrough acts, instead of relying on record labels and radio station conglomerates to do the sorting for them, "fewer mediocre musicians with attractive physiques will be sold as 'geniuses.
The Daily News has apparently joined the ranks of The Globe, Star, and the other trash papers with a front page photo of the queen of vapidity, and a large one at that.
The rise of seaside resorts and amusement parks, The Playful Crowd shows, minimized the threat of mass violence or disorder often associated with celebration, but worried critics concerned about the shallowness, vapidity and immorality of mass entertainments nonetheless.
Kotlikoff (2003) provides a longer treatment of this issue, showing that the vapidity of conventional fiscal language is in no way mitigated by considerations of uncertainty, time consistency, distortions, liquidity constraints, or the voluntary nature of payments to the government.
Fitzgerald illustrates American vapidity, mocking the excessive pretension and careless posturing of trendy Easterners as well as their inept simulation by those in the Middle West.
Party principles could be generalized to the point of vapidity.
A Deacon (1863), bought by Birmingham two years ago and one of Solomon's most satisfying oil paintings, shows an indebtedness to Leighton rather than Burne-Jones or Rossetti, whose vapidity he could emulate only too well in his portraits of stereotypically Pre-Raphaelite women.
In a desert of neo-soul cliches, The Blue State effectively mixes politics, partying and real life without degenerating into vapidity or sloganeering.
From details like cats that perform tricks (and sometimes return as ghosts) to grand thematic matters like the pathos and stupidity of death, from the kindness of strangers in Brooklyn to the vapidity of artsy yuppies in Manhattan, from jungle war to ghetto hope, The Ordinary Seaman contains multitudes.