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An heroic attempt at Strauss' vapidly virtuosic Till Eulenspiegel, found the strings bottling out of the final gloss of tonal bloom, creating a distorted internal balance which made the brass sound clattery in a boxy acoustic.
Spencer's sinister figures have antecedents, if not dressed in black then wearing a colorless variant of it, in Sloan Wilson's popular 1955 book The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, the despised villains of which are the then-new advertising executives so gladly and vapidly donning corporate uniform.
The latest banishee/roofer/bad shot - and the whole studio audience - guffawed at Julie Chen when she vapidly queried if the experience had changed him.
This amiable guitarist brought a tone richly urgent with life, fioriture dashed off with style and elan, to Giuliani's First Concerto; and the sprawling structures of this vapidly interminable work really did need the volatility of tempo brought by Williams and his colleagues.
Space Ghost Coast to Coast" mocks late-night television shows where empty celebrities tell bad jokes and ramble vapidly.
Gretchen Mol stars as Madge, a vapidly attractive - or is it attractively vapid?