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Frazer cannot imagine a priest who is not basically an English parson of our time, with all his stupidity and vapidness.
Only when we are in the midst of conflict does the shallowness and vapidness of much of our lives become apparent.
While it's not quite the train-wreck that "Glitter" was, this tale of a driven young dancer-choreographer sucked up and then spat out by the music industry to rediscover her purity and purpose is not far behind in terms of its vapidness.
But the largely happy selection of all-American music--which includes Aaron Copland and Scott Joplin--lends this full-company piece for C, Kent, Otis Cook, Mark Fucik, Renee Jaworski, and Jennifer Macavinta a decided air of vapidness in both its monotonous assortment of movement (acrobatic and circusy, with little room for much else) and Americana-flavored soundtrack, which is ultimately less moving than sappy.