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The aim of our technique was to investigate the advantages of an end-firing fiber vaporization plus resection.
Surgical vaporization time was significantly less for the Olympus group, 24.
Based on the idea to characterize the influence of bio-fuels according to their properties, a zero dimensional vaporization model has been set up.
Currently there are four 2 m laser surgical methods to treat BPH: vaporization (Tm: YAG vaporisation of the prostate, Thu VAP), vaporesection (Tm: YAG vaporesection, Thu VARP), vapoenucleation (Tm: YAG vapoenucleation, Thu VEP), and laser enucleation (Tm: YAG laser enucleation of the prostate, Thu LEP).
The maximum temperature of 190[degrees]C was believed to be sufficiently low to avoid significant thermal degradation of the oil sample, at least on the basis of what was observed in coal tar vapor pressure and Kukersite oil shale primary tar vaporization studies [13, 16].
The Energy Bridge FSRUs are designed to incorporate certain equipment and processes onboard to accomplish the task of offshore LNG vaporization.
Laser vaporization should not be used in men who have received radioactive seed implants (brachytherapy) for prostate cancer.
This vaporization which results from the molecules going out of the free water surface is called surface vaporization.
Unlike other so-called minimally invasive surgical alternatives, high-power KTP laser photoselective vaporization of the prostate (PVP) is a truly ablative technique, generating a TURP-like cavity with excellent hemostatic properties, immediate relief of obstructive voiding, minimal intravascular fluid absorption, and the prospect of same-day catheter-free discharge.
Under steady state vaporization, solutions of the species conservation and energy equations are obtained by analyzing the interface flux conditions between the liquid and gas phases (Fig.
The synthesis of zinc oxide thin layer modified by cobalt was carried out by means of different methods like spinning layer deposition, submersion and electron vaporization and its application in the treatment of polluted waters was investigated as a part of MS thesis developed by the Iranian researcher, Iman Asadi Farsani, under Dr.