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However, there was no significant difference in grams vaporized and global scores among the different years (PGY-3 vs.
Cope venting allows air and vaporized amine to enter the sand mass in the corebox, while drag venting allows air and vaporized amine to exit the core cavity after passing through the sand mass.
What's more, after five shots, like other scientists had noticed, the spectrum from the vaporized rock stabilized into a representative sample of the rock type below.
In addition Verathon is pleased to notify those health care facilities that currently own GlideScope video laryngoscopes, of an upgrade opportunity to vaporized hydrogen peroxide compatible units.
Cadmium is reduced using carbon, vaporized and condensed, thereby producing cadmium metal.
On the other hand, lesser quantities of lead, particularly when present as "free" lead, will be largely vaporized or oxidized in the upper portions of the cupola and will not accumulate in the cupola well.
The mandrel is heated and placed in the deposition chamber where it attracts vaporized nickel powder, creating a thin (5-mm) but strong shell on the mandrel surface.
highways have missing, misused or faulty fuel caps, resulting in 476,000 tons of vaporized hydrocarbons, 147 million gallons of vaporized gas, and the waste of more than nine million barrels of crude oil every year.
Pouring aluminum castings using the lost foam process results in organic compounds from the vaporized Styrofoam patterns in the sand.
It vaporized one islet and part of two others, and it showered radioactive particles on Marshallese living on other atolls.
When the vaporized metal condenses on a substrate, it forms a thin film coating that can provide scratch resistance, optical filtering, or other unique performance characteristics.
Washington, August 11 (ANI): NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has found evidence of a high-speed collision between two burgeoning planets around a young star, in the form of vaporized rock and massive plumes of hot lava in space.