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New Swagelok(R) vaporizing pressure regulators are now available to vaporize liquid samples or preheat gas samples.
This heat can vaporize the material that the laser beam hits.
It seems more likely that the heat of the laser would even more violently vaporize the water, creating a small explosion that would drive the plane forward via the relatively unaffected metal plate.
Specifically, they proposed that when a lightning bolt vaporizes silicon dioxide--a common mineral in soil--reactions with carbon compounds transforms it into nanometer-scale pure-silicon droplets.
James Klemaszewski of the Academic Research Lab in Phoenix and his colleagues theorize that as some of the ice in the spires vaporizes, it leaves behind the dark dust.
The VaporTrode electrode is an innovative design that vaporizes rather than cuts urological tissue.
The liquid in the battery is an organic, so it vaporizes," he says.
Io's lava vaporizes sulfur dioxide to drive towering plumes just as Earth's lava vaporizes water to power geysers like Old Faithful.