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Installation of the hydrocarbon compound recovery unit will recover 95 percent of gas vapors.
Atmospheric air contains water vapor (water in a gaseous form).
Since January 2014 there have been more than 50 reported incidents of workers being exposed to vapors at the site, the suit said.
2007) carried out experiments at atmospheric pressure on a smooth horizontal tube over a range of ethanol concentrations (0 to 1%) at a maximum vapor velocity of 0.
If he smells the vapors that come off of a gun or illegal substance, he will pull toward the scent with both front paws, which signals his human partner.
Sellers will encounter the increased costs of sampling and remediation, as well as possible lawsuits from tenants or employees alleging harm from vapors.
Gas trucks and gas stations must have the required vapor controls to prevent harmful vapors from being released.
The Vapor-Clean filters absorb the trace amounts of anesthetic vapor (isoflurane, sevoflurane and desflurane) so that anesthetic vapors do not reach the patient.
With vapor intrusion becoming more of a significant environmental issue for regulators, industry leaders, and concerned residents nationwide, CETCO has developed, with the support of their world-class research and development team, a multi-system approach that provides four customized solutions for mitigating gas vapors generated from a wide variety of contaminants, ranging from low-level methane to higher-level chlorinated solvents, BTEX and other PAHs.
The vapors produced were recondensed on chilled surfaces and captured.
2] vapors appear as "fog," water vapor must be present.
These vapors constitute a potential threat of exposure through inhalation for occupants of affected buildings.