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In my opinion, a 31-percent industrywide delivery dissatisfaction rate suggests that some technology providers are selling vaporware.
These were vaporware announcements, fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD), exclusionary licenses and technological tying.
Never mind that the basic Newton doesn't include a modem, or that the fax and wireless features are still largely vaporware.
Vaporware Labs, a collaborative start-up focused on creating fun and useful apps for the social web and mobile spaces, today launched Steve Young Football, their first app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
As editor-at-large Thomas Claburn reports in his story, Google Chrome OS: Vaporware Or Victory?
Vaporware is never a pretty thing, but it was much in evidence at Internet World, and some of it was funded by the huge venture cap firm CMGI, so it was hard to miss.
Their key contentions are: that Microsoft used vaporware announcements to dampen interest in DR-DOS; that Microsoft used fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) to counter the DR-DOS threat; that Microsoft developed intentional incompatibilities to make it impossible to use DR-DOS with Windows; and that Microsoft used exclusionary licensing terms to block out DR-DOS.
But vaporware is an ancient and honorable tradition among operating system promoters; certainly, Pink isn't the first new platform to attract a following largely on the basis of a few intriguing promises.
The candidates were judged on key attributes which included: a really interesting gamble or a creative take on an important storage-related problem; current impact demonstrated in getting new funding; solid initial backing; and partnerships, customers or contracts that prove they're more than vaporware.
Every week I see companies making outrageous claims regarding cars that are simply vaporware, or touting performance capabilities that are beyond the current realm of known physics.
Instead of announcing vaporware at Comdex last week Kelly said SGI has decided to wait until the Linux box is actually available - in July - before announcing it publicly.