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Vapour can be a big problem for buildings as it affects both the health of the building's structure and the health of people who live or work inside.
Vapour permeability is always important, but especially so when you are developing new or improved products.
Products as diverse as paint, plasterboard, membranes, screeds, laminates and sealants all allow you to control the vapour flow of air and moisture throughout a building.
For quiescent vapours the flooding angle was calculated as per (Honda et al.
The retention angle was strongly dependent on ethanol concentration upstream vapour velocity temperature of the condensate at the interface and consequently the surface tension.
For most foods shelf life is largely controlled by the oxygen vapour permeability of the wrap - sometimes oxygen needs to be excluded, and at others it is vital to ensure it is present.
And that is where Versaperm's new Vapour Permeability meters come in as they can measure the vapour permeability with respect to gasses including oxygen, CO2 and water vapour, not just for the materials themselves, but for the finished, packaged, product.
Anesthesia gas machine require high O2 flows and a lengthy time period to remove most of the vapour before the machine can be used for a patient who cannot tolerate breathing even trace amounts of volatile anesthetic vapour.
Dubai Three Emarat petrol stations in Dubai are currently being used to test two methods to recover toxic and invisible benzene vapours that escape from vehicles every time they top up a tank.
Exposure to smelly hydrocarbon vapours at petrol stations while refuelling your car can have a negative impact on health u from a heady "high" to nausea or even cancer.