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Shriver also contends that the study's separation of people into four racial groups shrinks the natural range of genetic variation, making people within each group seem more alike than they really are.
Headbox vibration would have to be very bad to cause this type of variation.
Variation in human infraorbital nerve, canal and foramen.
Variations of the Shell can increase its value exponentially, allowing you to accentuate the key elements of man defense that you might otherwise be unable to work on.
These problems which may occur either downstream or midstream in the manufacturing process, usually have assignable causes of variation further upstream.
In the models and graphic presentations by which the work is primarily known, the variations are grouped strictly according to their number of sides.
Confounding the search for optimal health system value is the potential for wide variation in both numerator and denominator.
1; the trio sonata has one modest variation but the concerto includes two further, quite virtuoso, variations.
Indeed, in the 1980s, the proportion of variation due to unpredictable structural changes has increased for the effects of wealth on consumption and for the effects of the short-term interest rate on the bond rate and the exchange rate.
13 Ways of Looking at the Goldberg: New Variations on the Goldberg Theme for Solo Piano, by C.