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in [8] proposed a general variational framework for histogram modification.
Noor: A class of new iterative methods for solving mixed variational inequalities, Math.
meta-continuum), and not merely in ad hoc projective, embedding, and variational procedures (including the popular syllogism of "extra dimensions").
2][a, b] of this problem is defined as a solution of the integral identity (or variational problem)
It covers the variational approach to either total or second-order molecular energies, and offers an introductory description of the electron distribution in molecules.
Recently different types of nonlinear oscillators are considered for investigations by various techniques such as delta-perturbation method [6], Lindstedt-Poincare methods [2-4], variational iteration method [7], bookkeeping parameter perturbation method [5] and homotopy perturbation method [8].
The weak variational form of the quas-istatic contact problem is given by the next problem:
In recent years, variational inequalities have been extended and generalized in different directions by using novel and innovative techniques and ideas both for their own sake and for their applications.
IMSI/Design, Novato, Calif, the global leader in retail CAD, has unveiled the first variational sketching plug-in for AutoCAD(r).
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