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Washington, June 19 (ANI): They may be the best heat quenchers on a sultry afternoon, but the variedly flavoured ice creams and yoghurts may not fair well on the nutritional and rehydration scale.
Fernandes and Price hypotheses have been variedly tested and discussed, leading to an intense debate.
Its debts now are being variedly put at $106-120bn.
Although different literature available on risk define it variedly but in common the word risk refers to situations in which a decision is made whose consequences depend on the outcomes of future events having known probabilities (Lopes,1987).
The critical discourse analysis approach highlighted that beyond the variedly interpreted state neutrality the power-groups reinforced their interests and values in the public sphere.
Since Plato, a Greek Philosopher time's dialogue has made an impact upon the later forms of dialogue, and it variedly expresses the intellectual and philosophical attitudes of the people.
She is seen variedly as a wannabe prime minister, a master manipulator, and possibly the kingmaker after the election results are out.
What attracts attention is the lack of awareness among the citizenry regarding the emerging challenges posed incrementally in various domains--by the state, within the market and in civil society--, engulfed as they variedly are in the evolving dynamics of communication.
While the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Russia find common ground in supporting diplomatic pressure to North Korea, in practice each country has acted variedly.
He has to borrow language--the voice of the public, that collection of traditional and irrational terms and rules, oddly created and transformed, oddly codified, and very variedly understood and pronounced.
However, it is difficult to ascertain the identity of these women who are variedly named as 'Jnanadasundari', 'Kumudasundari' and 'Golapsundari'.
A final conclusion would seem to be, therefore, that BAAF, along with similar organisations, succeeds very well for the first, achieves variedly in the second but is less certain about the third.