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Such was the variegated band of adventurers about to embark in the Tonquin on this ardous and doubtful enterprise.
I have already spoken of the great palaces dotted about among the variegated greenery, some in ruins and some still occupied.
None with the same gorgeous, variegated beauty," he confessed.
This part of the Rhine, indeed, presents a singularly variegated landscape.
The play and slight agitation of the water, in its upward gush, wrought magically with these variegated pebbles, and made a continually shifting apparition of quaint figures, vanishing too suddenly to be definable.
It was a semi-circular space, shaped like the half of a bee-hive; and against the rocky wall that formed the inner side of it was a pile of variegated fruits, cocoa-nuts among others.
Or, go bright by surrounding it with bleeding hearts (Dicentra spectabilis), false forget-me-not (Brunnera macrophylla) and variegated hostas.
green-branches that have developed on variegated shrubs - otherwise they will take over and ruin the look of the plant.
Tenders are invited for Supply of syngonium variegated plants for display in various mpl schools and off
It's an all-too-common condition created by handpainted or variegated yarns.
EVERGREEN plants with variegated leaves bring long-lasting colour to our gardens in the shortest days of winter.
QI'VE got a beautiful variegated maple tree with green foliage in the middle and lighter, cream leaves around the edges.