variously called

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References in classic literature ?
Three names, at least, he had for the lady-god: "Villa," "Wife-Woman," "Missis Kennan," for so he heard her variously called.
Recent data from our team and others drew new attention on a discrete population of mesenchymal cells that wraps around vessels, variously called mural cells, perivascular cells or pericytes, as a major source for profibrotic stromal cells generating scar tissue.
They have changed their tack on the value of the annual review, variously called your Personal Development Review, your Personal Improvement Review or simply your Annual Valuation.
This happy facility, variously called conversion or function shift, endows our vocabulary with vitality, power, and a prolific source of new words.
The 11th century story by woman writer Murasaki Shikibu is variously called the first novel, first modern novel or first psychological novel.
Huperzia miyoshiana exhibits what has been variously called a North Pacific, amphi-Beringian, or Pacific North American-Pacific Asian distribution (Schofield, J.
Thus, such works have been variously called "post-black," "post-soul," and examples of a "New Black Aesthetic", but whatever the label, this collection outlines a noteworthy shift in how African American satirists feel constrained by conventional obligations when treating issues of racial identity, historical memory, and the material representation of Blackness.
Boethius, who refers to himself in the original simply as ego, is here variously called Mod ("Mind"), Boetius, and ic ("I").
Variously called Tazara or Tanzam, the railway links the port of Dar es Salaam on the Indian Ocean littoral to Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia.
In the final chapters, the author presents information regarding an alternative technology for taking the light produced by a flat LED chip and shaping it into omni-directional light, variously called multimode waveguides or light pipes, which might be of interest as a future technology, regardless of the individual's lighting arena.
OpenSSL is one implementation of the encryption technology variously called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security).
I also previously described how the Huang "meta-analysis" (a study of studies) dispatched with the tired old canard used to discredit the ABC link, variously called the "response bias" or "recall bias" or "reporting bias" argument.