variously called

See: alias
References in classic literature ?
Three names, at least, he had for the lady-god: "Villa," "Wife-Woman," "Missis Kennan," for so he heard her variously called.
As for his mother, she is variously called Metis, Cretheis, Themista, and Eugnetho.
If it were still paying attention, that probably would be a useful bit of organizing information for the court, given that she has variously called herself Claire Boyd, Claire Elisabeth Nelson and Claire Elisabeth Elliott since she began filing papers with the court.
Its variously called candelabra cactus, hat-rack cactus, or dragon bones, all of which describe it adequately.
In dog training this is variously called breaking, force training, force breaking, negative/positive learning, negative/negative and various other descriptive names.
Buffett, who have variously called it a fraud, a bubble and a Ponzi scheme.
And it didn't help that nobody agreed on a name for this enemy, variously called "ISIS," "ISIL" and "Daesh.
New Delhi: There is no dearth of godmen, variously called "baba", "guru", "sant" or "swami", in India who project themselves as believers' interface with the God.
The Tehran race last Friday was variously called "I run Iran" and "TehRUN.
During the plenum, which had been discussing a legislative proposal effectively reversing an earlier decision for a brief commemoration of the 1950 Enosis (union with Greece) referendum in state schools, MPs of the proposal's sponsor Disy and backers Akel were variously called traitors and booed by dissenting public in the room.
Morris seeks to find a way of broadening the study of the phenomenon variously called High Church, Anglo-Catholicism, and the Anglican Catholic revival, both to discern some of its wider connections with the religious history of Britain, and indeed Europe, and to explore some of its more complex and subtle interactions with other aspects of modern British social and religious history.
LANDING in Newcastle tonight is a play called Spine which critics have variously called mesmerising, outstanding and fearless - and it brings actress Rosie Wyatt back to a place of fond memories.