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Whereas hermeneutic dialogue seeks an understanding which becomes more through the language's ability to bind the variousness of meaning--conversing meaning to unify in speech--deconstruction seeks the reverse by insisting that the logos in dialogue is a word that becomes two (dialogue).
For Trilling, these triumphs of ideology were defections from the liberal imigination, failures of variousness, possibility, complexity, and difficulty.
In his preface to The Liberal Imagination, Lionel Trilling remarks on John Stuart Mill's discovery of a troubling tendency in liberalism's attitude toward the sentiments and the imagination, an inclination to view the world "prosaically," which is to say, devoid of variousness and possibility.
The work is inseparable from these material qualities and from its lofty scale (it is rather taller than the pious original), but what stays in the mind is the friction between the motley variousness of the wood and the glass-and-steel geometry above, between the emotional sympathy implied by the role of the pallbearer and the anonymity imposed by the astronauts' helmets, and above all the question: Where are the nine men going?
The variousness of the stories allows the author to explore such themes as existential incertitude, loss of self, the unknowability of man, divided selves, the blurring of distinctions between fantasy and reality.
And parole in liberta, calligrammes, the vast variousness of lettrist writing require quite other notions of reading.
58) What is left is the legacy of memory itself, the testimony to variousness during a period in Irish life when such complexity was the thing least wanted.
The first section offers "a record of descents, tours of the abyss,/ & catalogues of blackness"; the second movement, more purgatorial, explores questions of paternity, continuity, inheritance, landscape, the self's variousness.
He also, I believe, emerges as a greater artist than we may remember--though the greatness does not flow from the variousness.
The next chapter turns to the broad figure of "the land" to unify joint readings of William Bartram, Charles Brockden Brown, and Jefferson's own Notes on the State of Virginia, using these classic texts to explore the variousness of material (natural) culture and the challenges that actual land poses to mere geographic imaginings (not unlike the way "the people" had, in the previous chapter, posed a problem when graphically represented rather than abstractly invoked).
As the editors promise, the essays do indeed treat the intersection of politics and fiction, but what emerged for me as the abiding interest among almost all of the contributors, whether scholars of political science or of literature, was the variousness of science fiction writers' depictions of utopian worlds and what those utopian creations say about contemporary life and politics.
He tried to give choral voice to those many parts, all of which moved, to embrace the earth's great variousness.