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Tenders are invited for Varius repairing work and other work in res and non res building under gec section in h.
C Area and while inspctin ghe situation of varius areas.
varius by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in the early 1980s, the preservation of habitat by the Mexican government, and logistical difficulties of getting to the island, there is now a reasonable chance of ensuring the survival of this species.
He also indicated that such meetings are necessary for expertise swap in addition to examining varius legislative, legal and administrative issues.
Students of the college presented varius events inclusing tableaus, Hamd and Naat.
A single Lace Monitor Varanus varius was sighted in December 2005 between the Macrophyte Pond and Bay Road (J Cockayne pers.
Now just recently came news that KBA's daughter company KBA-MePrint has launched a semi-rotary UV offset label press, called Varius LX-TX, using waterless technology.
Present paper deals with only few bisaccate pollen viz Protohaploxipinus goraiensis, Protohaploxypinus varius, Protohaploxypinus limpidus, Protohaploxypinus amplus, Protohaploxypinus microcorpus, Striatopodocarpites raniganjensis, Striatopodocarpites cancellatus, Stroiatopodocarpites rarus, Striatopodocarpites pantii, Striatoabieites elongatus, Striatoabieites multistriatus, Striatoabieites striatus, Lunatisporites novialensis, Lunatisporites pellucidus, Guttulapollenites hannonicus and Hamiapollenites bullaeformis.
Molecular evidence of hybridization of species in the genus Gallus except of Gallus varius.