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Compression set values will vary with the specific test method used.
An alternative method of analyzing structural change, outlined in this appendix, permits model coefficients to vary continuously over time.
which implements certain provisions of the Act of Social Services, as amended) and ensuring its availability selected target group - people with disabilities, particularly mental disabilities and persons with mental illness in the Karlovy Vary region and in the districts of Cheb, Sokolov and Karlovy Vary.
When the forces vary, the amount of stretch varies, resulting in the roll gap varying, and this causes the gum wall gauge to vary.
Course work requirements vary in content and quantity.
The addition of magnesium desulfurizes the iron and causes the graphite to grow as nodules rather than flakes, however, the nodule size and nodularity can vary depending upon composition and cooling rate.
It can vary depending on the chemical and physical characteristics of individual women,'' Davis says.
The tax classes vary in terms of heirs, rates and number of classes.
Also, since major FFA programs vary in size, the materiality threshold varies across audits of different major programs.
Compaction-In a production mold, compaction forces vary vertically and horizontally across the mold due to several influencing factors, i.
Canon cannot guarantee the longevity of prints; results may vary depending on printed image, drying time, display/storage conditions and environmental factors.