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It would be reasonable to think that if vasopressin facilitates aggression, you could develop pharmaceuticals that could target the vasopressin system to help in cases where dogs are really aggressive," he says.
Conclusion: T allele located at arginine vasopressin receptor 1a receptor promoter rs113481894 locus may be associated with the pathogenesis of type I hepatorenal syndrome.
Local injection of vasopressin reduces the blood loss during cesarean section in placenta previa.
Through this study there has been an effort to correlate the use of intracervical vasopressin with decreased blood loss during vaginal hysterectomy.
Desmopressin, or 1-deamino-8-D-arginine vasopressin is a synthetic arginine vasopressin analog that increases the levels of plasma coagulation factor VIII and vWF [sup][1],[2] and improves PLT function.
It works through the interconnection of the sympathoadrenal and neurohypophyseal systems, which in turn are responsible for catecholamine secretion, cytokines activation and vasopressin release, respectively.
Although rare vasopressin has also been shown to cause hyponatremia12 which may lead to serious complications such as hyponatremia encephalopathy.
This randomized clinical trial was carried out to determine the effect of diluted vasopressin on operation time and the need for electrocoagulation and ovarian reserve.
The researchers found was that maternal plasma copeptin - an inert, stable biomarker of vasopressin secretion with a substantially longer half-life in the blood than vasopressin - is a clinically useful biomarker that predicts preeclampsia.
Vasopressin also plays an important role in the attachment bond, including linking feelings to memories.
Neurons in the suprachiasmatic nucleus communicate those rhythms to the rest of the brain and the body by pumping out the hormone vasopressin in daily cycles.
Under ordinary circumstances, blood osmolality is controlled by a combination of vasopressin [antidiuretic hormone (ADH)] release from the posterior pituitary and thirst-driven water ingestion.