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Whether as traditional vassalage or modern participation in the family of nations, the "comforting fictions" all too often seemed to comfort the strong more than the weak.
His will be a vassalage unmoored from the world of the fathers, the world of the Baron.
I am not suggesting that Clive's arrival marks anything like the arrival of modernity in India: in fact, the British attempt to keep India in a state of feudal vassalage, with only a covert change of masters.
From the tradition of courtly love, Sor Juana takes the idea of amorous vassalage, a metaphoric feudal relation between "troubadour" (believer) and Virgin as "Gentlewoman-Owner" of the former's love.
9) To lead his reader to this conclusion, Morales launched first into a classification of vassalage hierarchy in the early Christian kingdoms, thereby contrasting the meager titles of Leon and Castile --just infante, conde, and the all-encompassing hidalgo (within which ricos homes were distinguished from plain caballeros) to other more layered feudal systems that allowed for a larger panoply of noble distinctions from prince to baron--duke, marquis, count, potestas, etc.
Historian Frederic Cheyette cites multiple examples of oaths of vassalage or of fidelity in which the participants grant their love along with their allegiance and receive the love of their liege in turn, and in some cases bequeathed the love of their vassals as part of the family estate: "an lor omes a amar et a chaptener e a rasonar e tener ab eus, o que il los aen, de totas lor naugas" (Ermengard 233).
repeated, seemingly conventional, Renaissance stance of vassalage to the
4) The Tsar seemingly agreed, yet only on (unrealisable) condition that the supremacy of the Order be restored also in Eastern Prussia, and the latter be freed from vassalage to Poland Lithuania.
But be it what it may, a recollection of our former vassalage in religion and civil government, will unite the zeal of every heart, and the energy of every hand, to preserve that independence in both which, under the favor of heaven, a disinterested devotion to the public cause first achieved, and a disinterested sacrifice of private interests will now maintain.
Soos Kelly (1984:37) dit stel: "And the courtly celebration of romance, modeled upon vassalage and enjoyed in secret meetings, became a private circulation of poems analyzing the spiritual affects of unrequited love.
Recent developments in Mozambique and elsewhere, suggests that the most likely successor to post-colonial sovereignty will be neo-colonial vassalage, in which the Western powers assume direct and open-ended control over the administration, security and economic policies of 'deteriorated' states under the banner of the U.
Idealizing the vassalage relationships of Chou-era feudalism into a general principle of political order, it assumes that a perfectly virtuous ruler would naturally come to hold sway over all of humankind.