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They also praised the efforts of Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa the Chairman of Bahrain Football Association (BFA) in shifting Bahraini soccer to vaster vistas and his keenness on following up all matters pertaining to national clubs and helping solve such problems and provision of all facilitations to national clubs considering them as the solid foundation upon which the BFA can rely for all of its contests and national teams.
Lucidly written and prodigiously sourced, this is a vast book amid a vaster project; two more volumes are promised.
He is constantly intervening in Barnaby's world, and in the process he wreaks havoc not just in small-scale environments such as a summer camp but in the vaster worlds of politics and high finance.
Though our client base becomes vaster, we continually strive to help each of our customers' businesses succeed.
The Milky Way is part of a much vaster galactic network than previously thought.
He meanwhile confirmed the close cooperation of the Syrian officials which has noticeably improved the ICRC's relief and rescue operations there and expressed hope that relaying on the assistance and contributions of Iran, such operations would still be offered at vaster dimensions.
These cases underscore a much vaster and therefore much more dangerous and pervasive series of failures atop our national security processes.
I need to do something with MY stuff - a job so vast that, for all its terrifying volume in my office, it's grown vaster still in my brain.
Between the Acts" was published about six months later and was described in a New York Times review by Hudson Strode as "a story played out on three levels - a pageant within a pageant and all within the vaster pageant of creation and infinity.
Public authority Samordningsforbundet Goteborg Vaster is signing a contract for 545 sq.
Born in Ivory Coast, she settled in France in 1999 and this journey infused her music, but the cultural reach of her art is far vaster.
The international character of the education fair indicates the vaster proportion of options our children can make in relation to their studies and specialities all over the world," added Education Minister Kyriakos Kenevezos.