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But Loch Ness is 23 miles long and more than 1,000 feet deep in parts, Glendower's vasty deep then with plenty of room for Nessie to hide.
IN HENRY IV, PART 1, the mystical and fiery Welshman Owen Glen-dower boasts that "I can call spirits from the vasty deep.
It seems that there are vasty different effects of SCHIP on health insurance coverage and physician visits across age groups.
hold the vasty fields of France, nor can we expect pixels to cram within
There is a vasty gulf between an academic's and an actor's depth of understanding of how and why Lady Macbeth says and does what she does: it is the gulf between a fictional persona and a breathing being.
In a world rather like the Caucasian area currently under conflict among the Georgians, the Ossetians, and the Russians--with multiple, mutually incomprehendable languages divided up among relatively isolated ethnic groups highly suspicious of one another's motives and ambitions--"Homeric Greeks lived in semi-isolation from each other" (27), separated by mountain walls and the vasty ocean deeps.
As Hotspur retorted, when Glendower boasted, in Henry IV Part I, that he could "call forth spirits from the vasty deep," "Why, so can I, or so can any man; but will they come when you do call for them?
IN A 1963 REVIEW OF Rationalism in Politics, George Catlin remarked that Michael Oakeshott's political theory was "about contemporary with Noah, that great navigator in the vasty general.
And it is of these vasty compilations of Holmes' that one is inevitably reminded by the mammoth, quarto-sized twin volumes of The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes, edited with a Foreword and Notes by Leslie S.
Jameson saw allegoric polysemy as offering radical socioeconomic critique; however, after all the criticism of Wordsworth's monumental, unitary systematizing ("the vasty version / Of his new system to perplex the sages" [Dedication 4]), Byron's commentary upon his own digressive, episodic global allegory is wistful at best, with an undercurrent of despair.
Overhead huge white clouds are piled up, vasty citadels, white castles loom" (37).
Yerger's magnum opus is a novel, The Honored and the Dishonored--a title vasty enough to suggest a Tolstoyan epic; Binx remembers that, according to the dust jacket, it deals "with the problem of evil and the essential loneliness of man" (p.