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This explains Propertius' donning of the vatic persona in the opening lines of 4.
toward a vatic or public role for [Faulkner's] art" (436).
Characterized by their vatic pronouncements, they were neither modest nor succinct and promoted themselves as the first generation of American writers.
When we come to the coda of the volume, the eight pages of "A Bird's-Eye View of Einstein," we see the poet attempting valiantly to synthesize all the themes by reiteration, by emphasizing certain elements while shading others, by adopting an apocalyptic vision and vatic tone, and by introducing a triad of male figures for the structural framework.
In the words of the vatic Vija Kinski, "The present is harder to find.
Kafka's vision is not a macrocosmic vision, if by which we mean an encapsulating vision of depth and magnitude, of piercing vatic or tragedic insight, a vision that has no set perimeters and that attains temporal and spatial heights and depths.
Mackey is convinced that philosophy at some point supplanted literature by positing a "naturalistic and conceptual" language to the vatic, dissembling, and mythical utterances of traditional narration and subsequently of poetry.
how his unique conceptualization of the self-gloss and the selection of his pseudonym create a particularly efficacious, allusive and elusive, vatic voice" (135).
By any normal yardstick, the Standard's business plan was more sensible, quantifiable, and logical than Wired's tissue of vatic statements and whirling-dervish enthusiasms.
The prose in which these pieces are written ranges from the recognizable to the vatic.
A parodist need only ratchet the vatic tone up a notch, as in this send-up of Erasmus Darwin: "Great Babylon is fallen
Meanwhile, in the 1980s, the Vatic an began to demand a more faithful approach.