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The vaulter should be straight up at the moment of take-off, with no lean to the left or right.
Two former UO women's pole vaulters made the rankings with identical clearances of 14 feet, 7 1/4 inches.
Vaulters were left to practice on their own in preparation for a few invitationals and the league finals.
If the vaulter has confidence, he will attack the box.
Obviously it was a great field of pole vaulters, and 18-8 is a good jump, but it's not a great jump," said Stevenson, the 2004 Olympic silver medalist.
Despite having to train on his own, Antelope Valley pole vaulter Shawn DeHorney won the Golden League title last May.
Passers-by were thrilled by the star-studded line-up of British vaulters who reached heights of more than five metres - higher than a double decker bus.
The Shrewsbury resident, now in his 40s, was a high school and collegiate pole vaulter and competes in masters-level pole vaulting today, thanks to the Patriot Pole Vault Club.
Sam Ewing looks up to former Bryant High and current University of Arkansas pole vaulter Spencer McCorkel.
Wilson also volunteered as a potential escaper and at first became a vaulter while Eric Williams and Mike Codner began tunneling operations from beneath the horse, excavating tons of sand over several months, which they stuffed into sacks sewn from cut-off trouser legs, before being lugged back into the barber's shop to unload it.
The teenage pole vaulter would love to hit the heights as Olympic champion.
DISCO music, flashing lights and smoke machines are the order of the day for Wales' number one pole vaulter Scott Simpson as he continues his comeback from injury.