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There is a good group of vaulters being assembled now in Gateshead and I am happy to join in the training sessions with them.
Regional Riding For The Disabled chairman, Samantha Orde, said: "The demonstration by their young team of vaulters was inspirational.
The coaches help you and give you drills to do for these things, and your individual workout focuses on the things you need to improve on, rather than just being a generic workout for a huge group of vaulters.
The violinist, immediately launched into a medley of sea shanties, while the vaulters roared out the words.
DISCO music, flashing lights and smoke machines are the order of the day for Wales' number one pole vaulter Scott Simpson as he continues his comeback from injury.
He idolized the best vaulters on the team his father coached.
The display of Equestrian Vaulting at the British Open will be performed by the Team Balanced English Vaulting Squad (EVS) which is made up of some of the very best vaulters in the country.
SONIA Lawrence wants to make it to the top as a pole vaulter.
Vaulters can use Sherman's legs to help themselves get back up.
Jenn Suhr, nee Stuczynski, reigns supreme over the field - both Hayward Field and this field of vaulters.
Shrewsbury High boys' coach Ian Butterfield also appreciates watching pole vaulters put on a show.