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I am not a prejudiced man, nor one who vaunts himself on his natural privileges, though the worst enemy I have on earth, and he is an Iroquois, daren't deny that I am genuine white," the scout replied, surveying, with secret satisfaction, the faded color of his bony and sinewy hand, "and I am willing to own that my people have many ways, of which, as an honest man, I can't approve.
As the matter is, disturb not the peaceful hall with vaunts of the issue of the conflict, which you well know cannot take place.
This Man, born and now upgrown, To shew him worthy of his birth divine And high prediction, henceforth I expose To Satan; let him tempt, and now assay His utmost subtlety, because he boasts And vaunts of his great cunning to the throng Of his Apostasy.
These vaunts they took care to make within the hearing of the soldiers; and they, being naturally loth to quarrel with the people, received their advances kindly enough: answering, when they were asked if they desired to fire upon their countrymen, 'No, they would be damned if they did;' and showing much honest simplicity and good nature.
Midway through the four-movement first act, Colker ups the physical risk with daredevil lifts and flying dives into the ground that vaunt the performers' courage as well as agility.
The Game'' comes from creator Mara Brock Akil, whose ``Girlfriends'' virtually represented UPN's high-water sitcom mark, admittedly not a treacherous goal to vaunt.