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And the vaunted corporate campus appears to be such a place at the moment.
Meanwhile, Hong Kong's much vaunted "autonomy" is proving to be just a fanciful conception.
Second sentence, second graph of release dated May 20, 2010, should read: The award-winning plant was the first in North America to demonstrate the vaunted Toyota Production System.
Facing the most feared prep team in America, vaunted De La Salle of Concord, Longshore didn't seem the least bit shaken Saturday against an opponent ranked No.
The "few" to whom he was referring were the outnumbered, overworked, heroic pilots of the Royal Air Force (RAF) who were holding the vaunted German Luftwaffe at bay.
GOLF: Unheralded South African Keith Horne put the star names in the shade after day one of the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship - and hopes to blow his vaunted opponents away for the rest of the weekend.
The St Peter's Square skate board park between Seel street and Fleet Street is filled with noisy trundling half-wits every day, yet these vaunted `crime wardens' have never even been seen
Here, modern art's vaunted reductivism is stopped short so as to take shape instead as stylization.
ASC is even getting in the game with what is called the Dearborn Deuce Convertible, a vehicle that harkens back to the vaunted "Little Deuce Coupe.
Yes, that's right: Sweden, that vaunted social democratic paradise, operates the world's most robust and wide-ranging voucher program.
Exaggerating the classically romantic poses of that era, Rachel Ellis, Christine Rennie, and Melissa Ehrmann vied for the affection of the vaunted St.
show again that the vaunted nuclear family at its whitest, upper-class best is not working.