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The vegetation is Upper Highlands Vegetational Refuges, in the Cerrado (IBGE, 2012).
The vascular flora and vegetational communities of Hayes Arboretum in Wayne County, Indiana.
Based on the analyses of the pollen assemblage from this locality, the assemblage can be divided to represent four main vegetational phases or environments of deposition.
Moreover, the arrangement of sites did not correspond to the elevational or vegetational gradient, which is consistent with a nonsignificant relationship between species composition and vegetation composition across the gradient (F = 0, P = 1) and between species composition and elevation (F = 0, P = 1).
Riparian vegetational expressions are described as plant assemblages in, and adjacent to, flowing (Iotic) waters (Patten, 1998, Winward, 2000).
Due to its high elevation, this peak exhibits six different vegetational types; these were grouped into two scrublands (Quercus intricata and Pinus cultninicula), three pine forests (Pima cembroides, P.
Further evidence of vegetational change on Easter Island.
There is evidence that vegetational zoning on tropical mountains is strongly controlled by temperature (Primack & Corlett, 2005).
III, 1991, Late Quaternary climatic and vegetational change in eastern North America, in Shane, L.
Augmentation natural enemies in maize using vegetational diversity.
Specifically, it suggests that (a) ecological conditions were not stable in tropical latitudes during the Cenozoic, alternating humid and dry climatic periods leading to continuous vegetational changes, (b) allopatric speciation and subspeciation of forest and nonforest faunas took place during adverse climatic periods in isolated populations, and (c) particular regions acted as areas of differentiation ("refugia").