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Additionally, multiple transects were established through all six vegetational types and monitored monthly.
The Vascular Flora and Vegetational Communities of Hayes Arboretum, Wayne County, Indiana.
25 years of vegetational changes in a glacial drift hill prairie community in east-central Illinois.
Attempts to improve the Estonian late glacial chronology and vegetational and environmental history were made by multiproxy studies from Lake Nakri, South Estonia (Veski et al.
Based upon rodent species composition at the two sites, lack of grazing and these other extrinsic factors may have favored dense mid-grass to woodland vegetational communities that include 5.
A bibliographic project included almost all the entries concerning vegetational history after the retreat of the last glacial ice.
This paper presents the characteristics (geological, microclimatologica], and vegetational features) of the Hungarian population and the habitat preferences of A.
Properties frequently used to differentiate peats from one another include: organic matter/organic carbon content, vegetational origin, pH, extent of decomposition of original plant material, water source and water content, chemical properties such as C/N ratio and calcium concentration, and physical properties such as bulk density and hydraulic conductivity.
That is, rejecting--as everyone more or less now does--environmental determinism, he says that climatic and vegetational and physiographic conditions 'enabled and constrained' particular activities instead (p.
Habitat disturbance also threatens the stickseed, as does competition from native and non-native plant species caused by fire suppression, which leads to vegetational succession.